1. I keep finding the best things on Japanese graphic design

    I keep finding the best things on Japanese graphic design

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    Based on this

    Welcome to the world.

    I vote for revolution

  7. Figured Out The Title of My First Book:

    All My Friends Are Gay—And Why I Like It That Way

    A Memoir

    In stores in 10 years.

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    Life Before Photoshop -1950

    Bruce Mozert was renowned for being pretty innovative, coming up with underwater tricks to make these scenes seem as real as possible including using baking powder to create the powdery “smoke” coming out of the underwater barbecue. 

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    Part I.

    Everyone Can Figure out a “How” As Long as They Have a “Why”

    The thought came to me as Chloe explained to me why she was interning at the HUB, her first internship experience even as a 25 year-old. Petey had been telling me over pho that he had just read a book about this doctor that…

    Started a new blog, focusing on moments and thoughts that are coming to light this summer. 

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